Best Keto Meal Replacement Shake – [current_date] Reviews & Buyers Guide

If you’re loving your ketogenic diet and don’t want to give it up but are wanting to start drinking meal replacement shakes, don’t worry — it’s possible to do just that. Trust us.

[highlight color=”pink” content=”%3Cp%3EThere%20is%20such%20a%20thing%20as%20a%20keto%20shake%20meal%20replacement%2C%20and%20there%20are%20plenty%20of%20good%20options%20out%20there%20on%20the%20market.%20And%20if%20you%E2%80%99ve%20read%20this%20far%2C%20you%20probably%20already%20have%20a%20solid%20handle%20on%20what%20a%20ketogenic%20diet%20is%2C%20but%20just%20in%20case%2C%20here%E2%80%99s%20a%20quick%20primer.%3C%2Fp%3E” /]

The ketogenic diet, or “keto”, is a diet that is extremely low in carbohydrates but very high in fat. This causes your body to only use fat as a form of energy, thereby helping you lose weight by burning the maximum number of fat cells.

Meal replacement shakes are designed to provide the nutrients that your body needs but won’t leave you hungry and prone to overeating. They are a popular part of many weight-loss plans, but at first glance may not be the ideal fit for someone on a keto diet.

Can you grab your keto meal replacement shake at GNC? Yes, you sure can, but let’s make sure you know what you’re looking at before you make the trek.

Let’s start by highlights a few items to consider when you’re looking for the best keto meal replacement shake.

Information to know when looking for the best keto meal replacement shakes

Generally speaking, meal replacement shakes are packed with calories and nutrients that are designed to serve as a substitute if you are prone to missing entire meals. If you’re busy and on-the-go every day but want to avoid the temptation that is eating fast and unhealthy, then meal replacement shakes could fit the bill.

Of course, not all shakes are actually all that healthy, and all ingredient matter. There are a few things in particular that you’ll want to pay close attention to.

First of all, you’ll want to find something that has healthy fats. Ideally you aren’t just accepting any kind of fat, although that would technically be permissible as part of the keto diet. But if you want to do this in the best way possible, than you’ll want to find healthy fats.

You’ll also want to make sure that your keto friendly diet shake meal replacement is low in carbs in order to fit the other overarching component of the ketogenic diet. Most meal replacement shakes are low in carbs already, but not all of them.

Ideally, you’ll want your ketogenic meal replacement to be high in calories, too. After all, you’re replacing an entire meal with a drink, so it better have enough calories to a) give you energy and b) make you full enough that you won’t go eat a huge snack or supplement your meal with reckless abandon.

The last thing to note is the amount of protein in each shake. While technically less important than each serving being high in fat, low in carbs, and high in calories, protein is an essential element when it comes to staying full and keeping your appetite in check.

Okay, let’s take a look at what we found. Here are the best ketogenic friendly meal replacement shakes.

Keto Meal Replacement Shakes: Additional information

It’s important to remember that you’re paying attention to the exact calorie totals for each of the products on this list.

Remember, you’ll need to get enough calories to compensate for a full meal that you’re cutting from your day. While there were plenty of products on this list that sit in the 300 to 400 calorie range, there were also quite a few that were sub-200 calories, or even under 100.

That said, you could always choose to go with lower calories option and simply plan to add it to a higher-calorie drink, such as a healthy smoothie, or plan to eat it alongside fruit and nuts, or another substantial yet healthy food item.

There isn’t a right or wrong approach; just make sure you that you double-check the calorie number and have a plan in place.

Also, make sure there is still enough protein in the product that you select. While low carbs and high fat are practically a given in anything claiming to be “keto-friendly”, the more protein you can manage to get, the more benefits that the product you’re selecting will provide.

A bonus: pay attention to any additional benefits that any of these products may or may not be able to offer. For instance, anything with prebiotics or probiotics to counteract some of the negative impacts that MCT oils have on some people might be of interest to you.

Or, you may be looking for a product that specifically calls out its ability to help your body produce its own ketones, or product additional amounts of collagen to promote skin, hair, joint, and tendon health.

Lastly, note what the preparation requirements are for each product. Some are easy, and claim to mix into virtually any liquid without leaving behind a chunky, chalky, or gritty texture. Some may be portioned and/or self-contained, while others must be measured out from a larger container.

Again, not that there is a “good” or “bad”, or even a “better” or “worse”. It’s simply up to you and your preferences.

Best Keto Meal Replacement Shake

[product_tables id=”2030″]

[numbered-heading label=”Ample Meal” /]

While looking for a shake meal replacement shake that’s keto, don’t overlook the fact that everything that Ample Meal offers is all-natural, non-GMO and completely free of BPA, artificial sweeteners and flavors, gluten, and soy. And it’s organic, so you’ll know exactly where all the ingredients came from.

[highlight color=”pink” content=”%3Cp%3EThe%20Ample%20K%20formula%20is%20made%20up%20of%2073%20percent%20premium%20fats%2C%2014%20percent%20protein%2C%207%20percent%20fiber%2C%20and%20only%206%20percent%20net%20carbs.%20That%20fits%20the%20bill%20for%20the%20keto%20diet%2C%20for%20sure.%3C%2Fp%3E” /]

Ample K is designed to keep your body in ketosis while helping your appetite to subside enough that you won’t still be searching for food. Each serving has 400 calories, so you shouldn’t need to worry too much about supplementing with healthy fruits or vegetables or nuts.

The taste of Ample K is milky, smooth, and creamy with notes of macadamia and coconut, combined with cinnamon and vanilla. It’s one of the best tasting keto meal replacement shakes that you’ll find.

[pros-and-cons pros=”-100 percent natural, organic, non-GMO, non-BPA
-73 percent of the 400 calories are made of premium fats
-No artificial sweeteners or flavors, soy-free, gluten-free” cons=”-Only one flavor to choose from” /]

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[numbered-heading label=”Ketologie” /]

The Ketologie Keto Protein Shake can be purchase in chocolate or vanilla flavors and boasts a creamy, delicious flavor — all while helping to keep your body in ketosis.

Ketologie’s shakes are carb, caffeine, and sugar-free and will help raise your blood ketone levels while enhancing your mental clarity. Seventy-five percent of this blend is made up of fat, with 20 percent protein — the perfect blend for anyone on the keto diet. Amazingly, there are less than two percent net carbs in this product.

[highlight color=”pink” content=”%3Cp%3EThe%20powder%20an%20be%20added%20to%20water%2C%20nut%20milks%2C%20or%20coffee%2C%20and%20the%20rich%20and%20delicious%20flavor%20blends%20well%20without%20leaving%20anything%20resembling%20a%20gritty%20texture%20as%20some%20meal%20replacement%20shakes%20are%20known%20to%20do.%3C%2Fp%3E” /]

Ketologie is 300 calories per serving, which puts it in a fairly good spot when it comes to the consideration of whether or not to supplement your shake with a healthy snack.

[pros-and-cons pros=”-75 percent of the shake is fat with 20 percent protein
-Rich, delicious taste that won’t mix-in with a gritty texture
-300 calories per serving” cons=”-No claims about being all-natural, organic, or free of allergens” /]

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[numbered-heading label=”Perfect Keto” /]

Perfect Keto is made from 100 percent grass-fed collagen peptides that are derived from cattle raised in the United States, and there are only real ingredients included — nothing artificial, no chemicals, and no binding agents. Again, you’ll know exactly where everything is coming from.

Each serving of Perfect Keto comes with five grams of pure MCT oil powder. The powder raises blood ketone levels, helping your body reach and maintain its level of ketosis. Every serving also includes acacia fiber, which is a prebiotic that enhances gut health.

[highlight color=”pink” content=”%3Cp%3EAn%20essential%20element%20of%20meal%20replacement%20shakes%20is%20protein%2C%20even%20for%20those%20who%20are%20on%20a%20keto%20diet.%20Every%20shake%20that%20you%E2%80%99ll%20enjoy%20from%20Perfect%20Keto%20includes%20a%20two-to-one%20ratio%20of%20grass-fed%20collagen%20protein%20to%20MCT%2C%20allowing%20for%20an%20increase%20in%20ketone%20levels%20and%20the%20enjoyment%20of%20immediate%20energy%20while%20allowing%20your%20body%20to%20absorb%20premium%20protein.%3C%2Fp%3E” /]

And don’t worry, Perfect Keto tastes delicious.Whether you choose chocolate, vanilla, caramel, or the always safe “unflavored” flavor, Perfect Keto uses stevia leaf powder and offers a clean taste profile.

[pros-and-cons pros=”-All-natural product including 100 percent grass-fed collagen peptides from U.S.-raised cattle
-Each serving has five grams of pure MCT oil powder and lots of protein
-Three delicious flavors to choose from” cons=”-Only 70 calories per serving, so you’ll need to make sure that whatever you’re adding it to is filling enough to tide you over until your next meal” /]

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[numbered-heading label=”Kiss My Keto” /]

Kiss My Keto Protein Powder is a pure, 100-percent grass-fed supplement that contains zero sugars, fillers, or preservatives. The product is non-GMO and is pesticide and hormone free and created and packaged in the United States.

The product is gentle on your stomach, which can’t always be said for meal replacement shakes. Plus, Kiss My Keto says that it will encourage the body’s production of collagen, which is a nutrient vital to healthy and youthful skin, hair, and nails. And not only that, a higher amount of collagen could help your joints, tendons, and cartilage feel better, too.

[highlight color=”pink” content=”%3Cp%3EThe%20MCT%20oil%20in%20this%20powder%20is%20a%20blend%20of%2067%20percent%20C8%20fatty%20acids%2C%20which%20assists%20in%20the%20production%20of%20collagen.%20Kiss%20My%20Keto%20comes%20in%20a%20chocolate%20flavor.%3C%2Fp%3E” /]

[pros-and-cons pros=”-Pure, 100-percent grass-fed supplement that is pesticide-free and hormone-free
-Sugar, preservative, and filler-free
-Gentle on your stomach, encourages production of collagen” cons=”-Lower fat-to-carb ratio than some other options
-Chocolate is only flavor option” /]

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[numbered-heading label=”PrimaForce” /]

PrimaForce KetoShake is another keto meal replacement shake recipe that contains MCTs, or medium-chain triglycerides. This is an oil that promotes weight loss by boosting metabolism and helping your body oxidize fat.

There are no artificial flavors or sweeteners included, and the product is entirely gluten-free. Each serving of PrimaForce has 13 grams of fat compared to seven grams of protein and four grams of net carbs.

[highlight color=”pink” content=”%3Cp%3EPrimaForce%20only%20includes%20170%20calories%20per%20serving%2C%20which%20is%20a%20little%20on%20the%20low%20end.%20You%20may%20need%20to%20supplement%20your%20shake%20with%20a%20healthy%20side%20item%20depending%20on%20your%20appetite.%20It%20can%20be%20purchased%20in%20vanilla%20or%20chocolate%20flavors.%3C%2Fp%3E” /]

[pros-and-cons pros=”-All-natural with no artificial additives, gluten-free
-Includes MCTs
-Low in carbohydrates” cons=”-Carb to fat ratio is a bit lower than most other options
-Only 170 calories per serving” /]

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[numbered-heading label=”Kegenix” /]

Kegenix Real Ketones Keto Meal Replacement is the “first and only” complete meal replacement drink that includes both ketones and high-grade protein. This, of course, helps burn fat, suppress hunger and control your cravings for sugar and carbs. In turn, you’ll feel more energetic and have noticeably improved cognitive ability and mental clarity.

Kegenix has a prebiotic, superfuel formula that includes 10 grams of high-grade whey protein isolate while remaining non-GMO and free of sugar, antibiotics, hormones, artificial colors, and artificial sweeteners and additives. It also has already-created bio-identical ketones that will encourage your body to produce its own ketones with a low-glycemic index, meaning that everything will be digested more slowly, maximizing the impact.

[highlight color=”pink” content=”%3Cp%3EThere%20are%20only%20150%20calories%20per%20serving%20in%20this%20one%2C%20so%20pay%20attention%20to%20that.%20Additionally%2C%20it%E2%80%99s%20only%20served%20in%20either%20chocolate%20or%20vanilla%20flavors.%3C%2Fp%3E” /]

[pros-and-cons pros=”-Includes BHB, MCT, and high-grade protein
-Non-GMO, free of sugar, antibiotics, hormones, and artificial colors, sweeteners and additives
-Includes already-created bio-identical ketones” cons=”-Only 170 calories
-Choose from chocolate or vanilla” /]

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[numbered-heading label=”KetoLogic” /]

KetoLogic Keto Meal mixes perfectly with your coffee or smoothie first thing in the morning. It blends smoothly without contributing a chalky taste, so consider it as part of your new, convenient morning routine.

KetoLogic includes MCT oil, which will oxidize fat and boost metabolism as it promotes weight loss. Along with the paltry amount of carbohydrates included, KetoLogic fits your keto diet perfectly.

[highlight color=”pink” content=”%3Cp%3EIncreased%20mental%20focus%20and%20cognitive%20ability%2C%20appetite%20control%2C%20stabilized%20blood%20sugar%2C%20and%20overall%20increased%20energy%20are%20several%20additional%20benefits%20that%20KetoLogic%20can%20help%20you%20achieve.%3C%2Fp%3E” /]

The product only has 170 calories per serving, so there could be a need for enjoying some fruit or another healthy item along with your KetoLogic-infused beverage. You can purchase it in chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla.

[pros-and-cons pros=”-Includes MCT oil
-Boosts cognitive ability and mental focus
-Three flavors to choose from” cons=”-No claims about being all-natural or avoiding additives
-Only 170 calories per serving” /]

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[numbered-heading label=”Ketond” /]

Ketond’s Ketogenic Meal Replacement says that it is the only “supercharged” ketone “superfuel” that you’ll find. Let’s see what it’s all about

First things first. Ketond is all-natural and includes zero artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors. The ingredients include macadamia nut oil, whole egg powder, whey protein isolate, butter powder, heavy cream powder, cream cheese powder, and coconut milk powder. Yep, lots of fat there.

[highlight color=”pink” content=”%3Cp%3EIndeed%2C%2075%20percent%20of%20macronutrients%20are%20made%20up%20of%20fat%2C%20with%2020%20percent%20derived%20from%20protein%20and%20only%20five%20percent%20from%20carbs.%20This%20ratio%20will%20elevate%20and%20sustain%20ketone%20levels%2C%20and%20should%20help%20your%20cognitive%20abilities%20in%20addition%20to%20encouraging%20your%20body%20to%20burn%20fat%20for%20energy.%3C%2Fp%3E” /]

Ketond boasts a proprietary, patented blend of goBHB and goMCT as the make-up of its “superfuel”. You can purchase it in three flavors: chocolate fudge brownie, strawberries & creme, and french vanilla creme. Each serving has 400 calories, so no worries there.

[pros-and-cons pros=”-All-natural, no artificial additives of any kind
-75 percent fat, 20 percent protein-Proprietary “superfuel” blend
-400 calories” cons=”-None” /]

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Final Thoughts

Meal replacement shakes aren’t just for those on more “traditional” diets. Nowadays, anyone on a keto diet can grab a shake and replace a meal each day or a few meals each week with a ketogenic diet meal replacement shake.

Don’t make any drastic too quickly, either. If you’re already on a keto diet, you’ve hopefully already consulted with your doctor about what that looks like and what your process is or has been. But either way, you should also be having a conversation about keto friendly meal replacement shakes, too.

Of course, you need to make sure you’re getting enough calories and proteins in the meal replacement shake that you select. While all of these products qualify as low-carb and high-fat, there are plenty of other elements to be looking at on the nutrition label.

We hope you enjoyed our keto meal replacement shake reviews!