Best DHEA Supplement – May, 2021 Reviews & Buyers Guide for the Top Products

Do you lead an average lifestyle or are you a professional bodybuilder? Whatever be the case, your body will need DHEA in order to stay strong and healthy. DHEA or Dehydroepiandrosterone is basically an endogenous steroid hormone. It also happens to be one of the most abundant steroids in your body produced by the gonads and adrenal glands. Your brain also produces DHEA to some extent. This vital steroid is also essential for testosterone and estrogen hormones in men and women respectively.

It is good for you to know that your body produces its peak production of DHEA in your mid-20s. However, for a majority of you, this production goes down as you begin to age steadily. Once this starts to happen, your body also produces estrogen or testosterone at a decreased level. As a result of this, you face several health ailments such as infertility problems, depression, low libido, acne, hair loss, and a weaker immune system. Low production of DHEA may also prevent your body from gaining muscle, which can pose a major problem for professional bodybuilders or any one of you interested in proper fitness.

The best way to prevent your health from getting effected by various problems due to low production of DHEA is by having one of the best DHEA supplement for bodybuilding. What is the best DHEA supplement, may be a common question haunting most of you. Well, first of all, a DHEA supplement can easily help your body boost its production levels of the hormone. There are various types of such supplements in the market. Which one is the best, is a tough question to answer.

Information Every Informed Buyer Should Know When Looking For the Best DHEA Supplement

Even before you consider the idea of having the best DHEA supplement brand for your own well-being, it is very vital for you to remember certain crucial things about the hormone and the supplement.

  • According to the best DHEA supplement reviews, such products are well-tolerated by most of you. However, it is still a potent hormone and it is best to be treated as one. Thus, it is always advisable to seek proper guidance from your doctor before you decide to start having such a supplement.
  • There are most of you who often get concerned about the actual sources of synthetic hormones used in supplements. It is good to know that such sources include soy or yam, which are not at all dangerous for your health.
  • As discussed above, DHEA can easily boost the testosterone levels in your body. Thus, if you are a professional athlete, you should know whether DHEA is included in the list of banned supplements for your sport.
  • Even the best DHEA supplement on the market may have certain side effects. These side effects may happen due to an increase in the size of your daily dosages. Thus, be aware when you feel even the slightest symptoms in your body that are unpleasant.

Best DHEA Supplement

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Zhou Nutrition’s DHEA

With growing age, the natural ability of your body to produce DHEA diminishes. This situation can get worse if you suffer from fatigue or stress. During such times, if you decide to have a child, then it may be difficult for you to fulfil your wishes. Thus, the idea of having the best DHEA supplement for fertility will be a good idea. The Zhou Nutrition’s DHEA will be a great option for you.

The Zhou Nutrition’s DHEA is mainly recommended for users due to the strict tests it has to go through. The ingredients used in this supplement have to go through several strict selection processes, procedures, and documentations. This is solely to confirm that their products contain proper quality, composition, strength, and identity of ingredients.

Although the size of their capsules is pretty large, these are quite simple to swallow. The dosage of the pills is also strong enough for an adult. Thus, a single pill a day is enough.

Pros and Cons

  • The Zhou Nutrition’s DHEA supplement is very simple to swallow.
  • This product has to go through several strict quality tests.
  • This supplement may easily cause water weight gain in some of you.
  • It is not suitable for vegans.


One of the facts stated by the manufacturer of the EBYSY DHEA supplement is that they will never compromise on safety, efficiency, and quality of their products. This is something users will always want from the makers of various health products. This is probably why people prefer to have thus DHEA supplement. The manufacturers also work with several medical partners to come up with proprietary formulation for their supplements. Thus, whether you wish to have the best DHEA supplement for men or the best DHEA supplement for women, the EBYSY DHEA will be a common choice for many.

The sources of the ingredients used in the making of the EBYSY DHEA are accountable and highly-reputed. The formula of this supplement is also very pure and free from any type of artificial ingredients, preservatives, GMOs, and chemicals. This product is absolutely vegan, which means that you can boost the natural production of the hormone in your body without compromising on your ethical diet.

The EBYSY DHEA is made entirely in the USA and in a FDA and GMP registered facility. Every batch goes through a lab test to authenticate the safety, purity, and effectiveness of every pill.

Pros and Cons

  • The EBYSY DHEA supplement is absolutely vegan.
  • It is a GMO-free product.
  • The supplement is made entirely in the USA.
  • This supplement cannot be added to any protein shakes.

BulkSupplements Pure DHEA Powder

Have you been trying to gain lean and strong muscles for a long time without much of a success? Are you also having one of the best protein shakes every day? Probably there is a shortage of DHEA in your body due to which your body is unable to grown lean muscle mass. In such matters, you should try the best DHEA supplement as per your needs. You may opt for the BulkSupplements Pure DHEA Powder, which comes with a pure and clean formula.

The best way to take DHEA supplement is either by swallowing it with water or mixing it with your protein shake. The BulkSupplements Pure DHEA Powder supplement can be mixed with your protein shake very easily. However, you may also have it under your tongue on days when you do not feel like having your shake. Although this may make the supplement taste a bit bitter, it is the best way to have a DHEA supplement.

This product is available in a conveniently designed zip pouch that can be carried with you wherever you go. You may also store the pouch at a convenient location. Thus, no need to worry about spilling the supplement accidentally.

Pros and Cons

  • The BulkSupplements Pure DHEA Powder does not contain any fillers.
  • It goes through lab tests in the USA.
  • You may either take it with protein shakes or under your tongue.
  • This supplement is made in China.-It is rather expensive.
  • Measuring the dosages may prove to be difficult.

Swanson Ultra DHEA

The importance of various hormones in your body and the proper nutrition to improve your overall health is comparatively new in the medical field. As a result of this, there are lots of health supplements on the market. However, some of them may not be beneficial for your health at all. If you wish to buy a DHEA supplement made by a reputed and reliable brand, then the Swanson Ultra DHEA will be a great choice for you.

Swanson has been one of the most reputed names in the world of health and nutrition industry for many years. This will help you understand the authenticity of their products and the surety of getting great results from having their DHEA supplements. The 100mg dosage of their supplement may prove to be slightly strong for some of you. However, if our body can tolerate DHEA then it should not be a major problem. You just have to take a single dosage each day, which is still bearable.

Pros and Cons

  • The price of the Swanson Ultra DHEA supplement is well within your budget.
  • The manufacturer is one of the most respected companies.
  • They also follow GMP guidelines while making their supplements.
  • The recommended dosage may not be healthy enough for all users.
  • It may need time to show you proper results.

Pure Encapsulations

If you are a professional athlete or a bodybuilder, you will consume nothing but the pure and safe foods and supplements. This is also true when you have DHEA supplements. Any ordinary supplement filled with fillers will not appeal to you. Thus, the Pure Encapsulations will be a better option. The makers of this supplement ensure that their product remains genuine, consistent, and safe for the users.

Even if you are sensitive to most of the health supplements on the market, you can easily tolerate this DHEA supplement. It is designed in a way to be hypoallergenic and suitable for users who are sensitive to other supplements. Harmful and allergic ingredients such as eggs, peanuts, GMOs, magnesium, wheat, artificial colors and sweeteners, and any other type of fillers are not found in this DHEA supplement. Although this is one of the best DHEA supplements at stores, there are users who have said that it causes heartburn for some of them.

Pros and Cons

  • The Pure Encapsulations is made in the USA.
  • It is absolutely free from GMOs.
  • The price is slightly on the higher side.
  • It may cause heartburn for some users.

Sheer Health DHEA Extra Strength

Insufficient DHEA may cause several types of health issues in both men and women. If you are looking for a suitable and affordable DHEA supplement that is suitable for both men and women, then the Sheer Health DHEA Extra Strength will be a great option for you. Whether you are suffering from wrinkles or weight gain or anxiety or depression or lack of fertility or low libido or even fatigue, this supplement has the formula to help you overcome such problems with ease.

Unlike several other DHEA supplement available on the market, the Sheer Health DHEA Extra Strength is clinically dosed. This means that the makers of this supplements wants to ensure that you get positive and long-lasting results from this product. The best part about this product is that it comes with a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results or find new health issues popping up due to the supplement, you may easily apply for your money back.

Sheer Health DHEA Extra Strength supplement does not come with any types of fillers, binders, soy, dairy, preservatives, gluten, egg, peanut or GMOs that may easily cause allergies in most of you. It is also made entirely in the USA and in a GMP certified facility.

Pros and Cons

  • The price of the Sheer Health DHEA Extra Strength is pretty low.
  • It is one of those health supplements that is clinically dosed.
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee.
  • Some users have complained of acne problems after having this supplement.
  • It may even worsen depression problems.

Natrol DHEA

For a vegetarian, finding a DHEA supplement that is 100% vegetarian is very difficult. This is simply because such supplements are usually packaged in capsules made of either bovine gelatin or pork, which are anything but vegetarian. However, with the Natrol DHEA supplement it is not the same. This product is made entirely for the vegetarians. It has nothing in it that will disrupt your normal diet.

The formula used in making this supplement is well-reviewed and best suited to help your body generate estrogen and testosterone normally. As a result of this, your mood will be much better and you will feel physically very strong indeed. However, it is important for you to note that these capsules should be consumed with a proper meal. In a way this will help you remember to have your supplement every day if you make it a habit of having it with the same meal of the day. Some of the ingredients found in the supplement include DHEA, calcium, cellulose, silica, magnesium stearate, acacia gum, stearic acid, and maltodextrin, to name a few.

Pros and Cons

  • The Natrol DHEA supplement is 100% vegetarian.
  • You have to take this supplement with a meal.
  • It may sometimes cause mental fogginess.

Havasu Nutrition Extra Strength DHEA

Do you feel tired and irritated most of the times? Have you tried all types of health supplements to boost your energy levels without much success? You may try the Havasu Nutrition Extra Strength DHEA. The formula used in this product helps to boost your energy levels and also enhance weight loss by balancing the hormones in your body.

There are no preservatives, sugars or chemicals in this supplement. It also undergoes a strict third-party testing process to make sure that each bottle is genuine and full of benefits. You also get a 100% 60-days money-back guarantee with this supplement. If you are not happy with the results or benefits, you may certainly ask for your money returned. It is made entirely in the United States of America and in a FDA registered facility.

Pros and Cons

  • The Havasu Nutrition Extra Strength DHEA supplement can help enhance the natural glow of your skin and make you more relaxed.
  • It can easily boost your physical energy levels and improve your mood.
  • May cause hair fall for some users.
  • May cause allergic reactions for some users.

Jarrow Formulas 7-Keto DHEA

Have you tried several other DHEA supplements in the past and have suffered from various typical side effects of the hormone? Are you afraid to try a new supplement altogether? Well, you may definitely try the Jarrow Formulas 7-Keto DHEA. It is made in such a way that it does not give rise to any of the typical side effects of DHEA. 7-keto is basically a metabolite of DHEA and it occurs naturally. This is why it offers most of the hormone-producing benefits of DHEA without the side effects.

The brand also happens to be a trusted brand and with no side effects that are associated with DHEA supplements, you can safely have it and enjoy good health. Usually a single pill is enough to help you get the benefits you want. However, if you wish to go overboard and opt for the maximum dose of the supplement, the package will finish within 15 days. This may increase your investment on the supplement as you will have to buy more than once a month.

Pros and Cons

  • Considered to be the best 7-keto DHEA supplement on the market, it does have the typical DHEA side effects.
  • It happens to be one of the trusted brands at the stores.
  • You may just need a single capsule a day.
  • If you opt for the maximum dosage, the package will last for just 15 days.
  • It has a tendency of increasing your body weight.

MRM Micronized DHEA

Bodybuilding requires several nutrients and perfect dedication. Including all the necessary nutrients in your daily diet will not be possible. Thus, choosing the right DHEA supplement becomes very crucial for you. You may consider the MRM Micronized DHEA supplement for your bodybuilding goals. It comes with an affordable price tag which will not burn a hole in your pocket.

This DHEA supplement is also HPCL tested, which ensures that it comes with the right level of potency and purity for you. The supplement is also micronized, so that it can easily get absorbed in your bloodstream. In other words, you will get more benefits at a small dose. The MRM Micronized DHEA is ideally suited for all of you who suffer from some sort of allergies. This supplement is free from all types of common allergens. It does not contain artificial colors and is a perfect choice for vegetarians. Finding such a DHEA supplement is quite tough since these are usually made from gelatin.

Pros and Cons

  • The MRM Micronized DHEA supplement is perfectly suited for vegetarians.
  • It is also a HPLC tested supplement.
  • This DHEA supplement does not come with any common allergens.
  • There have been complaints about the safety seal being broken upon arrival.
  • This supplement has a tendency of throwing off your menstrual cycle.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a professional bodybuilder, athlete or someone who is just interested in leading a healthy lifestyle, it is essential that you have proper muscle mass in your body. With the right amount of muscles in your body you will naturally feel young and energetic. It is true that protein shakes are there to boost your muscles. However, if there is a shortage of DHEA hormone in your body, no matter how much proteins you have, your muscles will not increase properly. Thus having a good quality and reliable DHEA supplement is also essential.

DHEA supplements are also essential for those of you who suffer from frequent mood swings, hormonal misbalances, depression, and fatigue. There are quite a few of such supplements on the market. Which one to choose and which ones to avoid is a tough ask. The list above should help you to some extent in choosing the right one as per your needs, budget, and dietary requirements.

It is essential for you to remember that starting a DHEA supplement for the first time in your life may give rise to several medical implications. It is highly advisable that you consult with a doctor before you start such a supplement. This is especially important if you are pregnant, nursing or on a regular medication. Since it is a matter of your own health, being careful is very important rather than being careless. However, once your body starts to accept the DHEA supplements, you will be amazed at the various benefits you will enjoy. These will include a boost in your energy levels and a proper gain in your muscle mass with regular exercises.