Exercises to Grow Taller | Best Grow Tall Exercises

Growing up and being the tallest around may seem like the greatest thing in the whole world. After all, many leaders, models, and sportsmen are often all tall. Outside of fame, there is also the benefit of romance and fortune when it comes to the world of tall people. And who doesn’t like the idea of an extra bonus on their salary?

For you to gain those extra inches, there are some realities you will have to accept. Not everyone is meant to be very tall and most will often grow to be average heights depending on family history. Women will often be shorter than men and it is rare for them to be within the 5’8 – 6’0 height range. Not all men have the genetics to grow past 6’0 either. So what can you do to feel taller?

While you might not get the desired height you want, there are ways to help improve your natural height and give you the confidence of a tall person to boot. If you are an adult wanting to gain an inch or two, you will have already finished growing. If you are a growing youngster, you still have time. Either way, if you follow these simple exercises and stretches, you will start to feel taller in no time.

Growing Taller by Earning Each Inch with Exercise and Proper Posture

Exercise is a crucial component to keeping yourself in shape, healthy, happy, and to some extent tall. The human body is built to move and by sitting or slouching you take away from more than just your health, you can also steal away from your height. When you slouch or have bad posture you end up compressing your spine which, in turn, makes you look shorter.

Over time if you fail to address your poor posture you can actually be stuck with a hunched over appearance, end up having to deal with many different spinal conditions, and overall not feel good psychologically and physiologically. Proper posture might seem annoying but it is necessary if you hope to look and feel taller.

In fact, by not practicing good posture as you go about your day and after you exercise, you will end up taking away from any muscle and growth gains you achieve from your workouts. It’s a conscious effort to maintain good posture but your mind, body, and height will thank you for it. You don’t have to make drastic changes, but baby steps can definitely have you going in the right direction.

Throughout each day remind yourself to put yourself in proper body posture. Practicing good posture when you sit, walk, run, eat, and right before you fall asleep will help you decompress your spine, save you from some spinal injuries and help improve blood flow to your brain.

Stretching It All Out with These Basic Morning Stretches

Stretching is good for many things, warming your body up for the day, preparing your body for exercise, and even improving your height. Stretches help loosen up the muscles, warm up your tendons and ligaments, and help prepare your joints for future activity. You should always stretch at least 5 – 10 minutes for every hour of sitting you do as well.

  • Hamstring stretch
    You take a band and loop one foot into it. You will then do the stretch while on your back and will need to maintain a flat lower back without any excessive rounding or arching. No significant knee bends are allowed. Lift up your leg until a comfortable feeling of stretch appears in your hamstring behind your knee and in your calf. Pull the toes towards yourself and then relax into the stretch. Repeat for the other foot.

The Different Types of Exercises You Can Do to Help Get Your Height Gains

There are a few types of exercises you can add to your current workout. Exercise is important for everyone, especially those who are still growing. The reason exercises can help you grow is the HGH hormone that gets produced during puberty. After the age of 20, you will most likely have finished growing so exercise will not be as helpful for any extensive height growth.

Human growth hormone is produced during the night so make sure you get a good nights rest before and after every workout for optimal results. Before you go to do each exercise, make sure you use proper posture and take all necessary safety precautions such as warming up the body, cooldowns, and stable movements throughout each exercise.

Below are a few great exercises to try:

  1. Cat Camel exercise
    Get on your hands and knees while maintaining your core. In the cat position you will bend inwards and in the camel position, you will bend outwards. Do these movements without stopping for 20-30 seconds.
  2. Seated bent-over dumbbell raises
    You will need weights that are enough for you to do the required reps and a place to sit that allows you to do the movements for this exercise. Do not put the maximum amount of weight for your dumbbells since this is the cause for many gym-related injuries. With your back straight in a sitting position, a dumbbell in each hand and your arms stretched, slowly lean yourself forward and then hold for two seconds. Then rise back into proper sitting position. You will need to do at least 5 sets of 15 to 20 reps. Give yourself at least 20-30 seconds of rest between your sets.
  3. Resistance band face pull
    Here you will need to get yourself a band and secure it to a pole with enough band remaining to be pulled towards you. You will need to do at least 3 sets of 8 reps with 10 to 25 seconds of rest in between. You will take one part of the band in each hand. Straighten your back and pull the band towards you in an explosive movement and then resist the band and slowly lowering the band.
  4. Hanging on the pull-up bar
    While on the pull-up bar make sure you stabilize your body to ensure you aren’t rocking back and forth. Your arms should be a little more than shoulder length apart. Once you have a static position, hold that position for 20-30 seconds. This will decompress your spine.
  5. Wall stretches
    All you need to do is lay your back flat against the wall. You will then slowly move your arms at the elbow and the up like you are trying to touch the ceiling. Make sure your back does not leave the wall throughout the exercise. You will need to do this for at least 15 – 20 reps. You can see a few examples of wall stretches here.

Additional Advice to Help Boost Your Results

On top of exercise, there are a few other tips that can help get you growing. Make sure you get enough sleep at night and drink plenty of water. Typically, an adult should get 8 to 9 hours if you are an adult, and at least 9+ hours if you are still going through puberty. Deep sleep is necessary for the body to do all of the maintenance it can’t do during the day. If you can’t achieve deep sleep, talk to your doctor.

Water is the body’s main source for flushing out toxins among other things, it is important that you keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. On top of following a healthy diet full of vitamins, minerals, fats, protein, and carbs, you will need to make sure you get in at least 6 to 8 cups of water.

Beyond the list of haves, there is also a list of have-nots, otherwise known as dietary taboos.
There are four major substances you should avoid when it comes to improving your height. Avoid drinking alcohol, smoking or chewing tobacco, taking/injecting steroids unless they are prescribed by a doctor, and avoid recreational drugs/illegal substances.

Each of these items can be not only harmful to growth but also harmful to your body and psychology as a whole.