• Effectiveness
  • Popularity
  • Affordability
  • Dfficulty


  • Simple and well-proven approach.
  • Shed excess body weight.
  • Results happen fairly quickly


  • Only suitable for women.
  • The program is not available in hard copies.

The Venus Factor is basically a weight loss program specially designed to help women get rid of excess pounds from their body. According to the company, this program only helps to shed excess weight through healthy and natural ways. There is no need for you to have any type of pills, potions, or powders in order to get back in shape. Any Venus Factor review you read, you will find that users have supported this fact. However, one major question may haunt you often. If it is true that the company customizes the program as per the needs of different users, how can they guarantee that each user will experience weight loss?

Excess body weight is one of those common problems faced by many across the globe. If you are obese and weigh more than you should actually weigh for a person of your age and height, then you are in for some serious trouble. Excess body weight gives rise to several health ailments such as diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, and stroke, to name a few. Once you fall into the trap of one or more of these health problems, there is no returning to normalcy. You will have to depend on pills and various types of medications for the rest of your life.

There are several ways to lose excess body weight. One of the best and most tried methods is to exercise regularly and to follow a strict diet. However, there are several weight loss programs which may follow in order to shed that unwanted body fat. Some of these programs are designed for both men and women, some are specially designed for men and some are only meant for women. Venus Factor is one of those uniquely designed weight loss programs that is only aimed at women. It requires a maximum of 12 weeks or 3 months for the program to be completed successfully and the primary motive of this weight loss program is to rebalance all the hormones in the body, which mainly control the weight gain and metabolism.

What is The Venus Factor?

As discussed above, Venus Factor is basically a weight loss program specially designed to help women get rid of excess pounds from their body. According to the company, this program only helps to shed excess weight through healthy and natural ways. There is no need for you to have any type of pills, potions, or powders in order to get back in shape. Any Venus Factor review you read, you will find that users have supported this fact. However, one major question may haunt you often. If it is true that the company customizes the program as per the needs of different users, how can they guarantee that each user will experience weight loss?

In order to determine the nutritional needs of each woman user, this diet plan takes into consideration several factors. These include the user’s age, height, weight, fitness level, and body type. Once all the important information is gathered, the program comes up with a custom diet plan, which is entirely based on specific needs. According to any Venus Factor system review, you will get some guidelines that will help you chose the best possible type of food for every meal. You will also get to know about the various types of food, the best time to have these foods, and the right amount of calories that will help your body change for the best.

According to any Isabella story Venus Factor review, the program also focuses on Leptin, which is one of the key hormones that control the metabolism in a female. If this hormone is in its proper balance, it will help you burn fat. If there is a misbalance, then the rate at which your body burns fat will fall. Venus Factor makes sure that there is no Leptin resistance in your body, so that your body can easily burn fat at its optimum level.

If you read a good Venus Factor weight loss review, you will also come to know that this plan also includes a proper exercise program, which is also designed according to different users. The best part about these exercises is that you do not have to join a gym in order to perform these workout routines. These can easily be performed at home.

Benefits of Venus Factor Diet

If you go through a few good Venus Factor Isabella story reviews, you will come to know that there are several benefits of this diet program. If you take a very close look at the program and talk to people, who have written at least one review Venus Factor, you will come to know that users have actually lost weight due to this program.

First of all, the price of the diet plan is pocket-friendly and apart from the custom-made diet plan, it also includes proper exercise routines. This is especially good for those of you who seldom exercise and often come up with excuses of avoiding workouts.

Secondly, according to users who have written some of the Venus Factor reviews, the program itself is rather easy and does not force you to follow a strict routine. It is often seen that people tend to lose interest on a diet plan that is very strict.

John Barban

He is the creator of the Venus Factor. He is quite knowledgeable about nutrition and also holds a Masters from the University of Guelph on Nutrition and Human Biology. He also did graduation on Exercise Physiology from the University of Florida. John Barban has worked on several reputed brands and developed some such as NxLabs, Empowered Nutrition Products, ADS, MusdeTech, John Barban Workout, and BlueStar Nutraceuticals, to name a few.

How Does the Venus Factor Diet Plan Work?

It is very important for you to note that the Venus Factor basically works in various phases. According to a good Venus Factor review, negative factors that make a woman gain weight also include the hormone Leptin. Once this hormone is controlled effectively, along with the sensitivity of the hormone in your blood, you will easily lose weight by burning excess body fat. When a woman gets pregnant and gives birth to a child, her body becomes chubby and the leptin sensitivity is also lost. In other words, the body becomes more resistant to the hormone in a very natural manner. As a result of this, fat gets stored inside the body.

As per a reliable review of the Venus Factor, it basically works in 3 factors:

  • The Leptin Venus Factor happens to be the main factor to burn excess body fat in women. Although leptin is found in both men and women, it is found in a higher percentage in women than men.
  • The Venus Factor works in such a way that the natural tendency of resisting leptin in a woman’s body is reduced. As a result of this, the rate at which excess body weight is lost, through the fat burning process, will increase.
  • This diet plan does not encourage fasting. According to several tests, it has been found that the level of leptin in a woman’s body decreases during fasting. Thus fasting is never recommended for a female.

In his several pieces of research, John Barban discovered something termed as Metabolic Override. It is basically a unique strategy, which helps you to enhance the sensitivity of your body towards the amount of leptin that is already there in your blood. This will actually help you avoid starving yourself to lose weight. On the contrary, you can actually have those foods that are usually avoided by people who wish to lose excess body weight.

One of the primary areas of work for the Venus Factor is to reduce the resistance of your body towards leptin and to reverse it by a great margin. This will, obviously, involve several changes to your existing lifestyle such as a proper workout routine and a 3 months Venus Factor diet chart. If you compare the results with the system itself, you will come to know that it is not that lengthy. This 3 months diet plan that involves undulating metabolic override will actually help your body reset its own natural metabolism so that it can burn fat naturally in the long run.

This will also help you get that figure you had been dreaming about all these days.

You will notice that the Venus Factor includes a Virtual Nutritionist Software, which is rather helpful in calculating the ideal food balance in order to consume the most appropriate amount of calories on a daily basis. During this diet program, you will be asked to alter your daily consumption of calories on some specific days. The Venus Factor diet plan is quite convenient for many female users. This is simply because it is easily compliance and compatible with your modern daily lifestyle. You will also notice that the program is extremely flexible, especially during those times when you are too busy with your office work or other social engagements, which do not let you focus on your own body and health.

The Virtual Nutritionist software comes up with several and convenient adjustments to the diet program as per your personal progress with this Venus Factor. The leaner your body gets at every step, the more calories you will be asked to consume instead of cutting it down further. At the same time, the Exercise Phase will lend you a helping hand at giving that extra push to deal with the difficult parts of your body when it comes to burning fat. There are several regions in your body that contain stubborn fat such as your stomach, thighs, and butt. It takes additional time and effort to burn such fat. The Exercise Phase will help you with such areas. The end result will be a better and more natural shape to your body.

Components of the Venus Factor System

Many of you may be wondering, what is inside the program. Well, the Venus Factor comes with 5 different components, which have been described below.

  1. The Essential Fat Loss Diet Guide: According to the Venus Factor book review, the first component is the essential fat loss diet guide. This part basically explains all the foods that actually help to boost the natural resistance of your body towards leptin. These include foods such as carbs, soy, and low fiber, to name a few. This component will also help you understand the right combination of foods that will help to boost the sensitivity of your body towards leptin. You will find out the ways to avoid foods that are rather harmful to leptin. The end result will be a healthy and shapely figure. This diet plan is rather detailed and it also focuses on your personal long-term fitness goals, which is primarily not to gain weight ever again. You may read a good Venus Factor cookbook review to find out more about such diets.
  2. The 3 Months Workout Routine: The workout plan as per the Venus Factor program is stretched across a time period of 12 weeks or 3 months. You have the privilege of performing the recommended workouts at the gym or even at home. The exercises happen to be a step by step approach and are quite simple to follow and rather effective. Follow the recommended exercises properly and you will soon gain that hourglass figure of your dreams. You will find it very simple to understand the Venus Factor system if you take a look at some of the videos that are available on the internet.
  3. The Venus Virtual Nutritionist Software App: With the help of the Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist software, there is no need for you to bear additional expenses of using personal trainers to guide you at every step. This software can start off by counting your calories, which is rather helpful in comparing your actual stats with other ideal ones. This will act as a guide in helping you understand the additional efforts needed to reach your ultimate fitness goal
  4. The Venus Index Podcast: This is specially designed to help motivate you at every step towards achieving the figure of your dreams. It is basically an innovative instructional tool, which helps you to connect with other struggling women, who are also in the same phase of their weight loss program. The Venus Index Podcast is a rather powerful and motivating tool for users.
  5. The Venus Community: Apart from the above-discussed podcast, the Venus Community is another powerful platform that lets you connect with other users of the diet program. This community also provides full support to all the female users in several ways. You can log in to the forum where you can read inspiring stories of other users and also contribute your own inspirational reviews and stories about the Venus Factor program. You will also find some of the best weight loss tips and recipes within this forum.

What Should You Expect From The Program?

When it comes to results, it is very difficult to determine the exact results you may expect from the Venus Factor program. The results vary from person to person simply because each person is different. The bodies are different and so is the morphological structures. However, it is very common to expect 20 or 30 or 40 or even 50 pounds of weight loss in the first few months of starting this program. The simplest answer to this question is the result is primarily dependent upon your own personal effort. The more focused and positive you are towards the weight loss program, the better will be the results in terms of shedding excess body weight.

The Pros and Cons of the Venus Factor Program

Just like any other weight loss program, the Venus Factor program also comes with some pros and cons, which have been discussed below.


  • The Venus Factor weight loss program is a rather simple and well-proven approach.
  • The program basically focuses on leptin protein in order to shed excess body weight in women.
  • The results are rather quick when it comes to weight loss.
  • The Venus Factor weight loss program is basically a women-centric program that is unique in its own terms and helps to achieve a complete toned figure.
  • There are 5 parts to the program that make it extremely simple to follow and implement.
  • Compared to various other weight loss programs, the Venus Factor helps to save a lot of costs.
  • You can expect fast customer support.
  • You get a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results within 60 days. This guarantee is also risk-free.
  • There is no shipping fee involved as the program details are easily downloadable from the internet and is available in digital format.


  • One of the key negative factors of the Venus Factor program is that it is only suitable for women users.
  • The program is not available in hard copies. You will have to download and get printouts if you wish to read the program.
  • The results take a long time to reflect. This may even make you lose your initial motivation to lose those excess body weight.
  • Since the time needed to get results is rather long, you will have to be completely dedicated and fully committed to change your body structure.

What Do Users Think About The Venus Factor Weight Loss Program?

You can certainly take a look at the science and research that support the Venus Factor weight loss program. However, there are several users who have given their views about the program. There are some users who have said that exercising over a period of time becomes simpler. Some have even said that using the fitness program in conjunction to your recommended diet plan will bear you fruit in the long run.

FAQs about the Venus Factor Program

Many of you may have some questions in your mind, especially about the workout program. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the exercises involved in the Venus Factor program answered along with the question about the herbs included in their diet program.

How Many Days A Week Do You Need To Exercise?

Well, ideally you need to work out 3 days a week. Once you start with your workout routine, you will notice that none of the exercises recommended are tough or time-consuming. You will also notice the vast variety of exercises that you can perform. The exercises are tailor-made to help you shed weight and also prove to be effective during a given part of the diet plan.

Are The Exercises Rather Difficult?

You may say that the exercises are rather sophisticated. These exercises involve the movement of different muscle groups in your body. These exercises are also designed to fulfil different purposes when you put it into context with the rest of the diet program. Although the workout routine asks you to exercise 3 days a week, you need to follow the schedule strictly. It is important for you to note that missing even a single workout routine may render your entire diet program as useless by affecting your metabolic rate.

What Are The 5 Different Fat Burning Herbs?

You will notice that the Venus Factor talks about several herbs that are involved with the weight loss program. These include Irvingia Gabonensis, Modifilan, Panax Notoginseng, Oleanolic Acid, and Yerba mate or YerbaX. These herbs are normally found in special plants, some of which are even exotic.

Final Thoughts

It is true that the Venus Factor weight loss program, devised by John Barban, is a rather effective and unique method to lose those excess body weight in women. This system is also backed by several scientific research work that are carried out by John himself. Although the weight loss program is downloadable from the internet, it is certainly not free. However, the cost of the weight loss program is certainly lower than most other similar programs.

Losing excess body weight and looking fit and healthy is a very good thing. It should be one of the primary goals for every person suffering from obesity. However, following your own planned workout routine and following your own chalked out diet plan may not work all the time. It is always better to seek professional guidance in such matters. An experienced dietician and a professional workout trainer will be able to help you with your diet plans and exercise routines. However, if you do not have to time to visit such professionals, then you may try out a tried and tested weight loss plan. However, a proper research is necessary to determine the right weight loss plan for you.