A photograph of parazooanthids under actinic lighting.

Healing Power of Phytoplankton for Chronic Diseases

What is Phytoplankton?

Since the beginning of recorded human history, there have existed stories about the mysteries and wonders of the sea. Though people have always been obsessed with oceanic exploration, a relatively small portion of the planet’s oceans have been explored.

The variety and complexity of biological systems in the ocean are mind-boggling.

The bounty of resources that the ocean provides is also amazing. Humanity has flourished because of the food, fuels, mineral riches, and transportation that the oceans provide.

Now, a group of European microbiologists, botanists, and medical professionals are turning to the ocean for something else.


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Phytoplankton & the Human Experience

Another facet of life that is nearly as mysterious as the ocean’s depths is chronic human disease. Humans have the capability and technology to land on the moon, but hundreds of diseases still evade complete understanding.

The ocean however, contains something that could turn the tide in the battle with many chronic diseases. Surprisingly, this hope comes from one of the ocean’s smallest life forms.

An Amazing Superfood in a Tiny Package

Virtually unnoticeable by the unassisted eye, phytoplankton floats along the sunlit layers of the ocean’s surface. This microscopic organism is plant-like in that its life cycle is governed by photosynthesis. It harnesses vitamins, gases, and minerals found in the ocean, and multiplies exponentially.

Phytoplankton is food for microscopic oceanic creatures, which then become food for larger sea life. In essence, phytoplankton is the foundation of the ocean’s food chain.

It helps sustain everything from the smallest krill shrimp, to some of the largest whales. In extremely high concentrations, phytoplankton blooms can be seen from space tracing along ocean current patterns.

So, how does phytoplankton relate to fighting disease? One strain of marine phytoplankton, Nannochloropsis Gaditana, is considered to contain “perfect” nutritional properties.

It composes more than 65 nutritional properties. Within these, all of the essential fats, amino and nucleic acids, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and enzymes for life are found.

Over a decade of research has resulted in the ability of scientists to collect, concentrate, and deliver Nannochloropsis Gaditana in food form. It eclipses all other superfoods for complete nutrition and its potential to heal the human body.


How Does Phytoplankton Heal?


A single phytoplankton makes one human red blood cell looks huge. In fact, a blood cell is at least nine times as large. There are trillions of cells in the human body, and they are all susceptible to disease.

Most chronic illnesses occur when these cells lose the ability to repair themselves at a rate that is conducive to progressive healing.


A cell can lose the ability to heal for several reasons. These include attachments by foreign parasitic cells, structural problems that prevent the uploading of nutrients, or general cellular wasting.

When this happens, various forms of inflammation happen on a larger scale within the body. Muscles ache, soft tissues lose integrity, and the body becomes weaker overall.


If blood cells are given an opportunity to heal naturally, they are extremely efficient in reproducing, and in combating disease. The things that cause cell problems often block the entry points in cells where nutrients can be infused. Many chronic diseases are associated with nutrient deficiencies.


It is understood by medical professionals that certain diseases could be cured if these deficiencies are countered with massive doses of missing key nutrients.

The problem is, the disease itself prevents cells from utilizing nutrients before they are absorbed and eliminated through the digestive system. This is where phytoplankton like Nannochloropsis Gaditana enter into the chronic disease battle.


Nannochloropsis Gaditana has an inherent ideal nutritional balance. It is also microscopic enough to bypass most of the blocks existing around diseased cells. It can easily enter a cell, and deliver pure forms of nutrients necessary for a cell to repair itself and reproduce. This action can also be achieved if a major digestive organ is not functioning properly.

The plankton is tiny enough to enter cells directly.


Think about it another way. Imagine that your army is completely surrounded by an enemy. It is perfectly capable of outlasting and beating the invaders if a steady supply of weapons are available. Unfortunately, the enemy’s presence prevents weaponry to be delivered.


Your home base discovers a way to sneak all of the parts needed for weapons in tiny packages through the enemy lines. Your army can easily assemble weapons from the parts for as long as it takes to push the enemy away. Your cells are the army, disease factors are the enemy, and nutrient-filled phytoplankton are the packages filled with parts.


Any disease that is categorized by body tissue inflammation, and the inability to regenerate, could be combated by phytoplankton. This includes asthma, diabetes, radiation poisoning, fibromyalgia, certain forms of cancer, obesity, and heart weakness. Scientists like Dr. Tennant, the founder of the Tennant Institute of Integrative Medicine, also believe phytoplankton introduction could assist with diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.


How Is Marine Phytoplankton Harnessed and Delivered


After workable amounts of marine phytoplankton are taken from bodies of water, they are filtered into a highly advanced bioreactor. They are then concentrated, through action from a biomass centrifuge, into a paste. This paste is appropriate for human consumption, and all of the phytoplankton remain fully alive and potent.


A tiny amount of paste contains massive amounts pure nutrients and enzymes. It is processed by the liver, integrated into the bloodstream, and transported to cells throughout the body. The raw and whole paste is the reason marine phytoplankton can now truly be considered a superfood.


The engineers of this amazing chronic illness treatment have already noticed extremely positive results in many patients, including those who are terminal. Improved organ, cell, and nerve functions have been recorded in very short amounts of time. This means days, not months and years.


Of all the natural wonders on the planet, it is amazing to discover how the simplest life forms can improve the quality of living for the most advanced. In fighting the most modern health issues, scientists have discovered that going back to the “belly of life,” might reveal some incredible answers.


It is also encouraging to know that the awesome healing potential of the body itself can be triggered using natural remedies. The abundance, availability, and biological perfection of something as tiny as marine phytoplankton could have major future implications for medicine and disease elimination.