Best Protein Powder for Diabetics – [current_date] Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Protein powder is an extremely beneficial supplement that people can take for a plethora of reasons.

[highlight color=”pink” content=”%3Cp%3EIf%20you%20work%20out%20regularly%20and%20are%20trying%20to%20build%20up%20your%20muscle%20mass%2C%20recover%2C%20and%20keep%20your%20body%20healthy%2C%20then%20you%20may%20already%20be%20using%20protein%20powder%20and%20are%20simply%20looking%20for%20a%20better%20fit%20for%20your%20lifestyle.%3C%2Fp%3E” /]

People that are simply looking to lose weight may take protein powder to help them avoid a loss in muscle mass as they change their diet.

Regardless of your goal, it’s essential to note that protein powder can be an essential part of any health-conscious person’s routine. But if you’re diabetic, it can be a bit more challenging to find the right product.

So, you’re probably asking yourself, “what is the best protein powder for diabetics?”

That’s where this article comes in. We’ll explore what everyone should be considering before making a purchasing decision on protein powder for diabetics, complete with what are must-haves and have-nots in the products that you’ll be considering, and then which products on our list check all the proper boxes.

We’ll take a look at the best whey protein powder for diabetics, and, put simply, what protein powder is good for diabetics.

More on the best protein powder for diabetics

There are plenty of options when it comes to protein powders, and that rings even more true if you’re strictly looking for a sugar-free protein powder for diabetics or simply whey protein powder for diabetics.

They key is to make sure that the selections that you’re considering are low in sugar and carbohydrates. It’s also ideal if the product has all-natural ingredients and if you know exactly what is included in the protein powder, and that you aren’t running into a situation with plenty of additives and fillers. This goes back to our earlier note regarding checking out the labels in their entirety — always read through the entire ingredients list!

You may have noticed that there was one protein powder on our list that was specifically made to support the Ketogenic Diet, which is a diet high in fats but low in carbs and sugar. This isn’t necessarily a “yay” or “nay” for diabetics, but there is a reason why that powder wasn’t No. 1 on our ranking, although it can still be a plenty good protein powder for diabetics.

Information every buyer should know when looking at protein powder for diabetics

One of the determining factors regarding whether or not a protein powder is compatible with diabetes 1 or diabetes 2 are going to be the levels of carbohydrates and sugar in the powder. There are plenty of options that will be diabetes-friendly, and that’s exactly why we compiled the below list. And ultimately, we’re looking to find a protein powder for diabetics type 1 as well as a protein powder for diabetics type 2.

When making a final purchasing decision, be sure to review all of the ingredients included in the powder. Even though we’ll list the highlights and any notable omissions or inclusions as part of this list, you’ll want to verify what’s on the exact label so that you don’t end up with more carbs or sugars than you want.

Also, when considering the ingredients, take a look at the serving size and the size of the container as a whole. This will help you determine the exact cost per serving, or per gram, or however you might want to calculate it to ensure that you know exactly what you’re spending on your protein powder.

The other benefit to carefully studying the nutrition and ingredient label is that you’ll be sure to know the amount of ingredients — and especially sugar and carbs — per serving size, instead of just taking the front of the label’s claims at face value. After all, it’s the amount per serving size that matters, and not an overall number that apply to the container as a whole, or have been manipulated to not really be as beneficial to your health as you might think at first glance.

Now that you’re educated on some of the more important things to look out for, let’s go ahead and dive into the list…

Best Protein Powder for Diabetics

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[numbered-heading label=”TSG All Natural 100% Whey Protein Powder” /]

TSG All Natural 100% Whey Protein Powder only includes two ingredients: whey protein and sunflower lecithin. You’ll know for sure that there are exactly zero additives, fillers, flavors, preservatives, of artificial colors or sweeteners.

The product is also free of sugar, soy, gluten, hormones, and rBGH. It’s a healthy, non-GMO option to organic protein powders and is made via a Grade-A, cold-processed undenatured whey protein concentrate. That concentrate is made in the United States with whey from U.S. farms.

[highlight color=”pink” content=”%3Cp%3EPerhaps%20the%20most%20unique%20thing%20about%20TSG%20All%20Natural%20100%26%2337%3B%20Whey%20Protein%20Powder%20is%20that%20it%20is%20completely%20unflavored%2C%20which%20means%20that%2C%20well%2C%20the%20world%20is%20your%20oyster.%20Pick%20any%20food%20or%20beverage%20to%20mix%20it%20into%2C%20which%20will%20only%20encourage%20you%20to%20use%20it%20on%20a%20daily%20basis%20and%20not%20get%20bogged%20down%20with%20the%20same-old%2C%20same-old%20concoctions.%3C%2Fp%3E” /]

This protein powder can be purchased in a two-pound or five-pound bag. The resealable bag is convenient but not as sturdy or easily stored as the large plastic containers in which most protein powders are packaged.

[pros-and-cons pros=”-Only includes two ingredients and includes no additives whatsoever
-No sugar and only two grams of carbohydrates per serving
-Product made in the U.S.A.” cons=”-Packaged in a resealable bag instead of a hard container
-Is low-carb instead of no-carb” /]

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[numbered-heading label=”BulkSupplements Whey Protein Powder” /]

BulkSupplements offers an all-natural, whey-based protein powder with 90 percent protein that is rich in the branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) that are vital to muscle growth.

The product is also low in carbs with two grams per serving and low in sugar, with one gram per serving coming from the lactose. It has been heavily lab-tested, which has confirmed that whey protein can not only help build muscles, but also boost their strength and assist in burning fat.

[highlight color=”pink” content=”%3Cp%3EBulkSupplements%20Whey%20Protein%20Powder%20is%20unflavored%2C%20so%20you%20can%20add%20it%20to%20whatever%20you%20please.%20It%20can%20be%20purchased%20in%20resealable%20bags%20of%202.2%20pounds%2C%2011%20pounds%2C%20or%2044%20pounds.%20As%20with%20one%20of%20the%20previous%20products%20on%20this%20list%2C%20the%20bags%20versus%20the%20lidded%20plastic%20containers%20certainly%20have%20their%20pros%20and%20cons%2C%20so%20we%E2%80%99ll%20leave%20that%20for%20you%20to%20judge.%3C%2Fp%3E” /]

[pros-and-cons pros=”-All-natural, whey-based protein powder
-Includes 90 percent protein rich in BCAAs to encourage muscle growth
-Low in carbs and sugars
-No additives” cons=”-Includes some sugar, carbs, and lactose
-Packaged in a resealable bag” /]

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[numbered-heading label=”Perfect Keto Protein Powder” /]

This protein powder from Perfect Keto is perfect for diabetics, as it includes no carbohydrates and no sugars.

It is notable that this particular protein powder is geared towards people that are adhering to the Ketogenic Diet, which means that it has a high-fat content and sets itself apart from many of the other products on this list with that distinction. High-fat levels with low carbs will send your body into ketosis, which causes your body to burn fat for energy instead of carbohydrates.

[highlight color=”pink” content=”%3Cp%3EThis%20product%20will%20dissolve%20easily%20in%20virtually%20any%20beverage%2C%20including%20water%2C%20coffee%2C%20and%20shakes%2C%20and%20has%20a%20delicious%20and%20unique%20taste%20of%20its%20own%20that%20sets%20it%20apart%20from%20competitors.%20There%20are%2C%20of%20course%2C%20zero%20gums%20and%20fillers%20in%20addition%20to%20the%20previously%20mentioned%20absence%20of%20carbs%20and%20sugars.%3C%2Fp%3E” /]

The ingredients included with this product are high-quality, including beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) that has been lab-tested for purity, quality, and efficacy.

Perfect Keto Protein Powder can be purchased in an eight-ounce container in three different flavors: caramel, chocolate, or coffee.

[pros-and-cons pros=”-Zero carbs and sugars
-No additives-Delicious taste” cons=”-High-fat content (this is desirable if you are on a Ketogenic Diet)
-Comes in a small container, so this product will add it up if you intend to purchase in larger quantities” /]

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[numbered-heading label=”Legion Whey+ Protein Powder” /]

Legion Whey+ Protein Powder is 100 percent whey protein isolate, which means that it is over 90 percent protein by weight, includes all essential amino acids, and has no lactose, fat, or carbs. The founder of the company, Mike Mathews, is a bestselling fitness offer with over a million books sold and holds plenty of credibility when it comes to this subject.

Legion’s Whey+ Protein Powder is made from high-quality milk from Ireland, which promises that anything that you choose to mix with the powder will be as high of a quality of anything you’ll find on the market. It does have three grams of carbs per serving, which is higher than some of the other options out there.

[highlight color=”pink” content=”%3Cp%3EThere%20is%20nothing%20artificial%20added%20to%20Whey%2B.%20It%20is%20naturally%20sweetened%20and%20flavored%20and%20there%20are%20zero%20hormones%2C%20antibiotics%2C%20or%20fillers%20and%20is%20completely%20non-GMO.%20Additionally%2C%20Legion%20promotes%20their%20100%20percent%20satisfaction%20guarantee%2C%20promising%20a%20full%20refund%20if%20you%20purchase%20their%20product%20but%20don%E2%80%99t%20end%20up%20loving%20it.%3C%2Fp%3E” /]

The product can be purchased in five different flavors: chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, cookies and cream, strawberry banana, or vanilla. It can also be purchased unflavored if you already have a favorite shake in mind for mixing and enjoying. You can buy it in a five-pound or 1.8-pound container.

[pros-and-cons pros=”-100 percent whey protein isolate, including over 90 percent protein by weight
-Sugar and lactose-free
-Credible founder and backer of the product in Mike Mathews
-Made from high-quality milk from Ireland and contains zero fillers
-Five flavors, plus an unflavored option to choose from” cons=”-Higher carb content than many other protein powders” /]

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[numbered-heading label=”NutraBio 100% Whey Protein Isolate” /]

NutraBio’s 100% Whey Protein Isolate contained … you guessed it … 100 percent whey protein isolate. That means that there is no whey concentrate, soy, or any other cheap proteins, filler, or even coloring. It does include a single gram of carbs.

The product is completely made in the United States and is subject to strict Federal Drug Agency will standards in their own certified laboratory. Plus, it is otherwise lab-tested by a third-party.

[highlight color=”pink” content=”%3Cp%3EWhey%20Protein%20Isolate%20from%20NutraBio%20includes%20a%20risk-free%20guarantee.%20If%20you%20dislike%20the%20product%2C%20simply%20let%20NutraBio%20know%20and%20they%E2%80%99ll%20lend%20a%20helping%20hand%20in%20the%20form%20of%20a%20refund.%3C%2Fp%3E” /]

NutraBio 100% Whey Protein Isolate is offered in several flavors: wild strawberry, vanilla, cookies and cream, chocolate peanut butter, and vanilla, as well as an unflavored option. It can be purchased in two-pound or five-pound containers

[pros-and-cons pros=”-Includes 100 percent whey protein isolate
-No fillers included, only one carb per serving
-Includes a risk-free, money-back guarantee
-Offered in several flavors and two sizes” cons=”-None” /]

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[numbered-heading label=”Raw Barrel No Bull Protein Powder” /]

Raw Barrel’s No Bull Protein Powder includes what the company terms as pure, “best quality” whey protein that is pharmaceutical grade concentrate and has been lab-tested, undenatured, and cold-pressed. There are no sweeteners, fillers, additives, or sugar.

The product is low-carb, low-fat, and low-calorie, and is a perfect match if you’re on a diet geared towards weight loss or if you are a vegetarian. In fact, No Bull Protein Powder even arrives at your door with a recipe cookbook in order to learn how to add the powder to your food.

[highlight color=”pink” content=”%3Cp%3ENo%20Bull%20is%20unsweetened%20and%20has%20a%20natural%20milky%20flavor%2C%20which%20makes%20it%20perfect%20for%20mixing%20into%20your%20favorite%20drink%20for%20pre%20or%20post%20workout%2C%20or%20whenever%20you%E2%80%99d%20like%20to%20enjoy%20it.%3C%2Fp%3E” /]

Importantly, Raw Barrel has a lifetime satisfaction guarantee and offers a full refund for any reason without any questions asked. The product comes in two-pound or one-pound plastic containers.

[pros-and-cons pros=”-High-quality whey protein
-No sweeteners, fillers, additives, or sugar
-Low-carb, low-fat, and low-calorie
-Unsweetened, arrives with cookbook
-Offers lifetime money-back guarantee” cons=”-Low-carb, not no-carb
-Includes lactose” /]

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[numbered-heading label=”Isopure Zero Carb Protein” /]

Isopure Zero Carb Protein includes 100 percent whey protein isolate, which include all essential amino acids and will not cause you to pack on unwanted weight.

The protein powder is loaded with vitamins, minerals and nutrients and is void of gluten and lactose. It’s also fat-free, sugar-free, and carb-free, of course — all necessities for diabetics. Zero Carb Protein is made with a unique microfiltration process that Isopure claims will be the only completely clear milk protein when dissolved in water.

[highlight color=”pink” content=”%3Cp%3EAnother%20unique%20aspect%20of%20Isopure%E2%80%99s%20product%20is%20that%20they%E2%80%99ll%20also%20provide%20a%20stack%20of%20recipe%20ideas%2C%20such%20as%20pancakes%20or%20blueberry%20muffins.%3C%2Fp%3E” /]

The protein powder itself can be purchased in a variety of flavors, including cookies and cream, creamy vanilla, dutch chocolate, banana cream, mango peach, pineapple orange, toasted coconut, and more.

Isopure Zero Carb Protein can be purchased in a one-pound, three-pound, or four-and-a-half-pound container.

[pros-and-cons pros=”-Made with 100 percent whey protein isolate
-Lactose, carb, sugar, gluten, and fat-free
-Variety of flavors and sizes to choose from
-Comes with recipe suggestions” cons=”-Some inconsistencies in packaging and taste due to change in facility at the company” /]

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[numbered-heading label=”NOW Sports Pea Protein Powder” /]

The NOW Sports brand has been around since the 1960s and is known for being environmentally friendly. Now, they bring us the Pea Protein Powder.

[highlight color=”pink” content=”%3Cp%3EWhile%20this%20product%20was%20once%20completely%20USDA-certified%20organic%2C%20the%20peas%20are%20now%20processed%20in%20China%20after%20being%20grown%20in%20the%20United%20States.%20It%20remains%20a%20lactose-free%2C%20soy-free%20product%20with%20zero%20sugar%20and%20a%20low%20carb%20count.%20It%20is%20also%20kosher%20and%20gluten-free%20and%20is%20void%20of%20many%20other%20prevalent%20allergies%2C%20including%20nuts%2C%20eggs%2C%20dairy%2C%20and%20corn.%3C%2Fp%3E” /]

[pros-and-cons pros=”-Zero sugars
-Low carbs
-Lactose & Soy
-Free-Vegetarian & Vegan
-Non-GMO Certified” cons=”-Peas are processed in China” /]

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[numbered-heading label=”Inner Armour Isolate Zero” /]

Inner Armour Isolate Zero is a supplement that is formulated with the highest quality standards and using clinically-tested ingredients that ensure that this protein powder is completely reliable, through and through.

This product includes whey protein isolate, ensuring that the proper amount of amino acids are part of the deal, and it is zero-sugar, zero-fat, gluten-free, and GMO-free. It is geared towards building lean muscle, and while it is compatible for everyone, it’s a great match for someone who works out frequently.

[highlight color=”pink” content=”%3Cp%3ESome%20of%20the%20compounds%20included%20are%20leucine%20and%20cysteine%2C%20the%20former%20of%20which%20we%20discussed%20earlier%20in%20this%20article.%3C%2Fp%3E” /]

Isolate Zero has one carb per serving and is a light and refreshing mixer that is easy to use. It can be purchased in multiple flavors including red raspberry and comes in a 1.7-pound container.

[pros-and-cons pros=”-High-quality, clinically-tested ingredients
-Non-GMO and sugar-free, gluten-free, and fat-free
-Includes whey protein isolate, which in turn includes leucine and cysteine” cons=”-Geared more towards athletes with an exceedingly high protein content” /]

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[numbered-heading label=”Onnit Whey Protein” /]

Onnit is a company that offers a wide variety of health, fitness and nutrition products. Their website is practically a one-stop shop where you can find supplements to help with your brain, sleep patterns, and overall fitness performance, as well as actual fitness equipment and apparel.

Their whey protein follows the integrity of all of Onnit’s products in that it is made from grass-fed protein — New Zealand dairy cows, to be exact. The cows graze in pastures all year long, meaning that they aren’t forced to be fed supplements. Additionally, all of the ingredients are non-GMO, and there is zero gluten, lactose, or sugar included.

[highlight color=”pink” content=”%3Cp%3EThis%20protein%20includes%20whey%20isolate%2C%20which%20has%20all%20nine%20essential%20amino%20acids%20that%20the%20body%20needs%20to%20build%20muscle%2C%20and%20is%20especially%20high%20in%20leucine%2C%20which%20encourages%20muscle%20protein%20synthesis.%20Whey%20isolate%20has%20more%20leucine%20per%20gram%20than%20many%20other%20proteins%2C%20including%20eggs%2C%20milk%2C%20and%20soy.%3C%2Fp%3E” /]

As with all proteins, Onnit Whey Protein is focused on muscle gain and quick recovery, but the support of overall health is reinforced by the natural, non-GMO nature of this particular product.

[pros-and-cons pros=”-All-natural, non-GMO ingredients
-Protein derived from grass-fed New Zealand Cows that graze year-round
-No sugar, lactose or gluten
-Whey isolate includes all essential amino acids to build muscle” cons=”-None” /]

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Final Thoughts

Unless your doctor has specifically recommended that you avoid protein powders — and you would have stuck with us for a long time for seemingly no reason if that were the case — then you should at least strongly consider adding a supplement such as this to your day-to-day.

As we’ve explored, there are plenty of benefits to taking a protein powder on a consistent basis, and it doesn’t matter if you’re simply trying to lose weight or if you’re trying to bulk up your muscles. While your end goal may dictate which specific supplement you ultimately select, there are absolutely protein powders for everyone.

There are plenty of ways to take your protein powder as well. You may recall that there were a couple of products that made our list that come with recipe books to help you find new and creative ways to enjoy your supplement.

If you want to make a variety of flavors of beverages, consider an unflavored supplement that can be added to whatever protein shake or smoothie you like best. Or, you could add the powder to a mixture of fruit, or any other food or beverage. That said, there were also plenty of great-tasting flavors on this list, too.

At any rate, if you’re worried about carb-counting or regulating the amount of sugar or fat your body is taking in, there are surely plenty more options than you were expecting when it comes to protein powders.

There are plenty to choose from, and we hope that we’ve given you enough information to help you make an informed choice on the product that you’ll ultimately be purchasing.