Best Green Tea For Nausea – [current_date] Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Or, maybe you love green tea but are afraid that it’s messing with your digestive system and want to find a way to keep enjoying the health benefits (antioxidants, etc.) but not have to deal with an upset stomach.

Well, you’ve come to the right spot.

We’re going to talk about why green tea is so popular, what the overall benefits of the drink are, and why some folks swear by it as a supplement.

While there are plenty of good and helpful things about green tea — more on this in a moment — there are certain types of green tea that are easier on the stomach. We’ll take a spin through our top eight options, and explore what it is about the products that either help or hurt our bodies.

Background and overall benefits of green tea

Green tea is thought to be a natural therapeutic, although it has varying benefits depending on the individual.

There is a laundry list of conditions that green tea is thought to help with, which we’ll explore here.

First, there’s weight loss. Certain teas and supplements that include green tea with that intention, as it can increase metabolism slightly and contribute to losing weight. You may need to consume the tea in larger quantities in order for it to truly be effective, however, and possibly as much as two-and-a-half cups of green tea a day.

Green tea also helps fight cholesterol levels. It includes catechins, an antioxidant that encourages a decrease in cholesterol in the body, therefore lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease.

There are some bigger picture, more dangerous conditions that green tea could potentially play a part in reducing the likelihood of their onset, including Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, diabetes, and even some cancers.

The high levels of antioxidants in green tea fights against the oxidative damage done by some cancers and the assistance it gives to high brain function are thought to go a long way when it comes to prevention.

We’re going to spend much of our time discussing one potential benefit of green tea that is somewhat controversial: whether or not it can help resolve nausea. Some people claim that it works to quell bouts of nausea, but research hasn’t exactly backed that up. Plus, green tea includes caffeine, which is a stimulant that generally does the opposite to one’s stomach.

There are herbs and supplements that some folks will combine with green tea in order to maximize the benefits. For instance, ginger is an herb that fights nausea, so putting it in your green tea could fight back against some of the negative side effects of caffeine. Lemon is another ingredient that is known for helping to relax stomach issues that pairs well with green tea.

In short, green tea on its own has not been shown to reliably assist with nausea, but there are plenty of natural substances that can be added to tea that can fight nausea.

Again, these claims haven’t been scientifically proven, but just as with any other daily beverage, feel free to experiment on your own and see what works for you. And remember: green tea does provide quite a few health benefits, largely due to the antioxidants included.

So don’t shy away from that cup or two of green tea a day; just understand that tea alone won’t cure nausea. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of delicious green teas that include other ingredients to help combat those nauseous feelings. And with that, let’s take a look at the best green teas on the market.

Best Green Tea For Nausea

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[numbered-heading label=”Twinings – Green Tea and Lemon” /]

Green Tea and Lemon from Twinings is another delicious tea that includes the right amount of lemon in order to assist your body with digestion and general stomach health.

Twinings is a company that was founded in 1706 and is well-known in both England and India for the quality with which they make all of their products; this tea is blended with the flavor of real lemons. The leaves selected by Twinings are hand-selected from the best tea gardens cultivated by growers around the world.

[highlight color=”pink” content=”%3Cp%3EThis%20particular%20green%20tea%20includes%20plenty%20of%20antioxidants%2C%20including%20those%20that%20provide%20potential%20benefits%20for%20your%20cardiovascular%20system%20and%20positive%20effects%20on%20the%20cells%20in%20your%20body.%20Green%20Tea%20and%20Lemon%20does%20not%20include%20any%20artificial%20ingredients.%3C%2Fp%3E” /]

As mentioned, the fresh lemon assists with nausea. When served hot, this tea that is infused with lemon will naturally provide a level of calmness. Once you drink it, you should feel your stomach and digestive system relax, too.

An order of Twinings Green Tea and Lemon comes with six boxes of 20 tea bags each.

[pros-and-cons pros=”-Well-known, reputable company
-Tea includes natural ingredients including flavor from real lemons
-Provides cardiovascular and digestive benefits” cons=”-None” /]

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[numbered-heading label=”Vahdam – Himalayan Green Tea” /]

Vahdam’s Himalayan Green Tea is completely organic and derived from leaves that come from the Himalayas and has a smooth, healthy, and delicious taste with flavor inclusions of sweet greens and vegetable notes.

The company was founded in India by a fourth-generation tea entrepreneur and is an award-winning, vertically-integrated tea brand sourced from India’s best tea gardens. The company also supports high levels of employment in India.

[highlight color=”pink” content=”%3Cp%3EThe%20product%20is%20produced%20via%20an%20innovative%20supply%20chain%20model%20that%20treats%20farmers%20fairly%20and%20ensure%20that%20you%20are%20able%20to%20enjoy%20the%20freshest%20cup%20of%20tea%20possible.%20One%20percent%20of%20revenue%20collected%20by%20Vahdam%20goes%20directly%20back%20to%20assist%20the%20children%20of%20the%20tea%20farmers%20involved%20in%20this%20process.%3C%2Fp%3E” /]

Vahdam offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee, so if you try it out and don’t love the taste, they’ll refund you completely and not ask any questions. Each package comes with 30 tea bags.

[pros-and-cons pros=”-Organic product with smooth taste, derived from tea leaves in the Himalayas
-Sourced via Fair Trade and supports sustainable farming in India
-100 percent money-back guarantee” cons=”-Not a lot of information on the taste” /]

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[numbered-heading label=”Yogi Tea – Green Tea Lemon Ginger” /]

Green Tea Lemon Ginger by Yogi Tea is packed full of many ingredients that can help with a restless stomach.

Remember, green tea with lemon for nausea is generally a good choice. This particular tea has an outstanding reputation when it comes to stomach pain and digestion.

[highlight color=”pink” content=”%3Cp%3EYogi%20Tea%20has%20a%2030-year%20reputation%20of%20releasing%20a%20line%20of%20herbal%20blends%20while%20creating%20flavorful%20and%20delicious%20teas%20that%20are%20easy%20for%20the%20body%20to%20consume.%20The%20ingredients%20they%20use%20are%20natural%20and%20quality%20in%20nature.%20This%20tea%20is%20organic%2C%20non-GMO%2C%20and%20gluten-free%20without%20any%20artificial%20sweeteners%20whatsoever.%3C%2Fp%3E” /]

Yogi Tea Green Tea Lemon Ginger has a refreshing taste that includes bright citrus notes derived from lemon peel and lemongrass with hints of ginger. Each box comes with 16 tea bags, meaning that a standard order that includes six boxes will arrive with 96 compostable tea bags for your enjoyment.

[pros-and-cons pros=”-Non-GMO, organic, gluten-free, no artificial flavors or sweeteners
-USDA Organic Certified
-Supports healthy digestion and assists with stomach pains” cons=”-Contains caffeine” /]

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[numbered-heading label=”Traditional Medicinals – Organic Green Tea with Ginger” /]

Traditional Medicinals’ Organic Green Tea with Ginger includes … you guessed it: ginger! You may recall that ginger is an outstanding ingredient to try if you’re looking to reduce nausea and settle your stomach.

The company was started back in 1974 and has a track record as a resourceful and reliable producer and distributor of tea. The founder has long been on the forefront of herb farming in order to ensure the freshest Fair Trade herbs in the world.

[highlight color=”pink” content=”%3Cp%3EThis%20tea%20is%20non-GMO%20and%20certified%20organic%2C%20and%20the%20only%20potential%20downside%20is%20related%20to%20the%20taste%20–%20which%2C%20of%20course%2C%20is%20all%20about%20personal%20preference%20anyway.%20This%20organic%20green%20tea%20has%20more%20of%20a%20spicy%20flavor%20to%20it%20than%20some%20of%20the%20citrus-based%20teas.%3C%2Fp%3E” /]

Traditional Medicinals’ Organic Green Tea with Ginger comes in six boxes of 16 compostable tea bags each, or 96 per order.

[pros-and-cons pros=”-Certified organic and non-GMO
-Includes ginger that assists in settling nausea and stomach problems
-Ingredients are Fair Trade
-Unique, spicy taste” cons=”-Unique, spicy taste” /]

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[numbered-heading label=”Canada Dry – Sparkling Green Tea Ginger Ale” /]

While there is research suggesting that the age-old tale that ginger ale can assist with an upset stomach is just that, a tale, the same researcher also thinks that Canada Dry, in particular, may provide somewhat of an assist when it comes to settling nausea.

After all, Canada Dry includes real ginger extract in both their regular soda and their Sparkling Green Tea Ginger Ale. And remember, ginger has been shown to help stomach problems.

[highlight color=”pink” content=”%3Cp%3EThere%E2%80%99s%20also%20something%20of%20a%20mental%20belief%20system%20that%20is%20similar%20to%20a%20placebo%20effect%3A%20many%20of%20us%20grew%20up%20drinking%20ginger%20ale%20to%20help%20with%20illnesses%2C%20so%20it%20makes%20sense%20that%20drinking%20ginger%20ale%20as%20adults%20may%20trick%20our%20body%20into%20thinking%20that%20it%E2%80%99s%20feeling%20better.%3C%2Fp%3E” /]

This particular product isn’t traditional tea, of course, but a ginger ale with green tea and ginger included. Therefore, if you’re looking for a nice hot cup of tea to enjoy, this particular option likely won’t be your answer. That said, if it’s summer and you want to cool down while suppressing stomach issues, give it a shot!

[pros-and-cons pros=”-Cool, refreshing beverage including green tea and ginger extract
-Sold in 12-packs of 12-ounce cans” cons=”-May not be most effective answer for nausea as each can only contains a relatively small amount of ginger extract
-Carbonated beverage and not a hot tea” /]

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[numbered-heading label=”Teamonk – Ginger Green Tea” /]

This tea is advertised as a product that will contribute to weight loss, as it not only claims to enhance your digestion but also aids your metabolism.

Teamonk’s Ginger Green Tea is 100 percent pure tea and includes no oils or added flavors, aromas, or essences — only natural ingredients are present here. The tea is certified by the Rainforest Alliance and is 100 percent natural whole leaf. It is made with Taido Green Tea for easy digestion

[highlight color=”pink” content=”%3Cp%3EThe%20product%20makes%20a%20delicious%20cup%20of%20tea%20that%20includes%20a%20refreshing%20scent%20and%20a%20taste%20that%20deftly%20balances%20the%20flavors%20of%20both%20ginger%20and%20green%20tea%20and%20remains%20refreshing%20and%20mellow%20with%20a%20hint%20of%20spiciness.%20While%20there%20is%20caffeine%20included%2C%20the%20levels%20are%20low%20and%20should%20not%20significantly%20counteract%20the%20elements%20that%20should%20help%20calm%20your%20stomach.%C2%A0This%20product%20comes%20in%20a%20container%20with%2030%20teabags.%3C%2Fp%3E” /]

[pros-and-cons pros=”-100 percent pure tea with no additives of any kind
-Rainforest Alliance certified
-Assists with digestion and contributes to weight loss
-Low caffeine levels” cons=”-Small order sizes
-Contains some caffeine” /]

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[numbered-heading label=”Organic India – Tulsi Green Tea Lemon Ginger” /]

Organic India’s Tulsi Green Tea Lemon Ginger is a tea that serves as a relaxant and has shown to help with digestion. As the name suggests, it is a blend of lemon, ginger, and green tea, allowing for maximum positive effect on the stomach and digestive system.

The ingredients in Tulsi Green Tea Lemon Ginger are all certified organic; in fact, the company Organic India projects a mission that is focused on helping the farmers employed worldwide and provides a sustainable farming experience and overall business relationship.

[highlight color=”pink” content=”%3Cp%3EPart%20of%20what%20makes%20this%20product%20so%20uniquely%20effective%20and%20attractive%20to%20consumers%20is%20that%20it%20can%20be%20served%20either%20hot%20or%20cold%2C%20depending%20on%20your%20preference.%20One%20thing%20to%20keep%20in%20mind%3A%20if%20you%20find%20the%20scent%20of%20lemon%20to%20be%20relaxing%20as%20many%20do%2C%20it%E2%80%99s%20best%20to%20consume%20the%20tea%20hot%20as%20the%20smell%20will%20be%20much%20more%20prevalent%20than%20it%20would%20be%20if%20served%20cold.%3C%2Fp%3E” /]

The tea also says that it will boost stamina, strengthen immunity, and promote a sped-up metabolism. Again, many of these claims have not yet been scientifically proven, but why not give it a try and see if it works for you?

Organic India’s Tulsi Green Tea Lemon Ginger comes in a box of 25 tea bags, and in a neat twist, includes the photo of the farmer and/or his or her family on the side of the box.

[pros-and-cons pros=”-Assists in relaxation and digestive health
-Company is globally-focused and has a mission to help farmers
-Tea can be consumed hot or cold
-Ingredients are certified organic” cons=”-Includes caffeine
-Is ordered in small-quantity boxes” /]

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[numbered-heading label=”Lipton – Lemon Zest Green Tea Bags” /]

Lipton is an extremely well-known, mainstream option when it comes to tea. But that doesn’t mean they can’t do it and do it well.

This particular Lipton tea includes a lemon tea that adds a level of citrus to the green tea flavor, again with the goal of calming nausea. There are no calories in this tea, so if you take your tea without milk or sugar, you’ve found yourself one of the healthier teas on the market.

[highlight color=”pink” content=”%3Cp%3ELipton%E2%80%99s%20Lemon%20Zest%20Green%20Tea%20also%20claims%20to%20contribute%20to%20hydrated%2C%20healthy%2C%20glowing%20skin%2C%20as%20well%20as%20reminding%20consumers%20that%20consuming%20green%20tea%20in%20addition%20to%20an%20otherwise%20healthy%20lifestyle%20may%20help%20maintain%20a%20healthy%20heart%20due%20to%20its%20protective%20effect%20against%20cardiovascular%20diseases.%3C%2Fp%3E” /]

The only real downside to the product is that a full list of ingredients isn’t available, so we’re not sure about the level of natural versus artificial ingredients are included.

A box of this Lipton product comes with 25 tea bags. Consumers seem to be split on the lemon zest taste, so you’ll just have to be your own judge.

[pros-and-cons pros=”-Calming effect and positive impact on digestive system
-Zero calories
-Possible positive impact on skin and heart health” cons=”-Taste may not be for everyone
-Full list of ingredients not available” /]

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Final Thoughts

Everyone has had an upset stomach before. We’ve all looked for a variety of cures, or simply things we can eat or drink or take that can help calm our symptoms down.

If you’ve heard of green tea helping, or if you’ve tried drinking green tea to lessen your nausea, don’t overlook the fact that straight-up green tea likely will not deliver the result that you’re looking for.

Instead, make sure that you’re either finding tea that already includes levels of ginger and/or lemon, or that you’re adding such ingredients to a base green tea yourself.

As always, if you’re drastically changing your diet or exercise habits while looking for the desired result, be sure to consult your doctor before doing so — especially if you’re nursing or pregnant. While green tea/lemon/ginger can potentially assist with morning sickness, start by asking your doctor and perhaps he or she will have a specific recommendation for you.

Green tea is a delicious and nutritious drink that is beneficial to your body regardless of its effect on your unsettled stomach.

But if you’re experiencing stomach issues or are looking for a home remedy to help smooth things out, try out one or more of the products on this list or find a green tea of your choice and add some lemon or some ginger, and you’ll be well on your way to a calmer stomach.